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Stacy Elwartowski

Childbirth Educator

Why my class?

Informed Beginnings childbirth classes offer you the following:


Contemporary, comprehensive classes covering pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.


Instruction and support for low-intervention birth, with the understanding that not every birth can be low-intervention. A successful birth is one in which you make good, informed decisions based on the labor you're given.


The opportunity to develop small communities of students who go through class together. You and your classmates will also have the opportunity to connect to larger communities of parents sharing similar life changes.

My childbirth classes offer the perfect mix of time-honored traditions and the latest research to empower today's parents to give birth with confidence.

Parents to be will be well educated, and well prepared for labor and birth. Your class will teach you how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and to prepare your body for the big day. You will learn how to work as a team to help you cope with the sensations of labor. You will learn about the natural process and why it is best for moms and babies. You will also be well educated about common medications and procedures so that you can make informed choices.

You can never know for sure how labor will go, you will be prepared for long labor, or short labor, or the many variations that can occur along the way. It is my goal as an educator, for you to be well equipped for whatever course your labor may take. Since birth is only the beginning, you will learn newborn care and breastfeeding techniques. Classes will teach you what to expect during the weeks and months after birth for both you and your baby.

As your educator, I will be available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and calm your fears about labor, birth and motherhood.

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